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Creating an Unforgettable Wedding Reception Head Table

Studio Bloom wedding flowers modern wedding table at Ashton HIll

Today I've got some important tips to create an ah-mazing wedding reception head table that your wedding guests won't forget! Even if you can't dress up your guest tables, perhaps due to budgetary limitations (because I know that going all out on 30 guest tables is not in line with many wedding budgets), go ahead and go all out on your head table. Why, you may ask-what difference will it make anyway? Well read on my friend! Here are my top 3 reasons why you should make your head table look fab:

1. FOCAL POINT: Simply put, the head table is the focal point of the reception space-so it naturally deserves more emphasis and attention. Plus, every single one of your guests will be looking at it for a good amount of time (because your pretty self and your wonderful love will be sitting there after all!)

2. PHOTOGRAPHY: This is a prime reception spot photo op for your photographer. You'll have quite a few of those professional photos of you two lovebirds at this location, so make those lasting memories extra special. Plus, many photographers go in and get beautiful detail shots of the space to help create your wedding day story-and they'll love getting extra photos of a beautifully decorated head table.

3. GUESTS OF HONOR: Let's remember who this party for after all...YOU! You and your new spouse (yay!!) are the honored guests at the reception, and deserve an amazing table with well thought out decor and a beautiful dining experience.

Studio Bloom Iowa modern minimalist wedding flower centerpiece with roses, ranunculus, and babies breath
modern styled floral arrangements and decor elements add luxurious texture to this tablescape

Okay, well those reasons are great-but how the heck do you begin planning and executing that gorgeous table? No worries, I wouldn't leave you hanging! Here are my top 6 tips to follow to create that unforgettable head table:

1️. LINENS: The base is an all important starting point. Invest in specialty rental linens + napkins. Add color, luscious texture, and amazing color, and maybe even a fun pattern.

2️. SPECIALTY SEATING: Consider renting extra special seating for the bride and groom. Stylish chairs (I mean, these ghost chairs are so fab if I do say so myself) or a gorgeous vintage loveseat are just the ticket.

3️. DINNERWARE/PLACE SETTINGS: Specialty dinnerware can really set the mood for your tablescape. Rent some gorgeous plates, glasses, and silverware to set the table. Or wait, remember those amazing plates and silverware you put on your Crate and Barrel wedding registry that you just can't wait to get? Go purchase them (or maybe drop hints that you want them as shower gifts, wink wink) and use them to decorate your head table!

4️. CANDLES: Candles really up the romance factor. Add plenty of candles to your tablescape, and dress them up in specialty holders to continue your color story.

5️. FLOWERS: It's commonplace for the brides and maids to plop their bouquets on the head table. Why not get a few gorgeous low floral designs instead, and use the bouquets elsewhere in the reception space? This table features one stunner of a centerpiece and a few blossoms tucked into modern budvases. Gorgeous!

6️. THE EXTRA EXTRA: See that copper arch behind the head table? What a fabulous way to add extra drama and to bring all the attention on the newlyweds! If your ceremony pieces are movable, use them to your advantage at the reception!

Studio Bloom Iowa wedding flowers with modern copper and white reception decorations

Thanks to the contributing vendors:

· Design + Decor: Elowen Events

· Floral: Studio Bloom

· Venue: Ashton Hill

· Ghost Chairs: Unique Events


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