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6 Modern Ways to Preserve your Bridal Bouquet

As a wedding florist, I get asked quite frequently, " what can I do to preserve my bouquet"? I totally get it. We've been working and planning for months. You adore your your bridal bouquet so much that you practically carried it all day long. And yes, you're sentimental about it, and want to keep that special memory forever!

I've collected my top 5 unique and modern ways to turn those dreamy wedding flowers into stunning works of art. I've been in the flower business long enough to see some pretty dated (and unsightly) flower preservation methods that look less than amazing - so I wanted to pass along ideas that were fresh, up to date, and perhaps a bit minimalist in their approach. Some of them involve sending your actual flowers to be used to create the keepsake, and some have a slightly different approach. Read on for ideas to create that keepsake piece to treasure for years to come!

Bridal bouquet by Studio Bloom Iowa of anemone, juliet garden roses, and eucalyptus
Because it's so darned pretty you want to keep it forever!

Important thing to keep in mind: I HIGHLY encourage any bride who is wanting to preserve their flowers to plan ahead and come up with a preservation plan before the wedding! Some of the options listed below require sending your bouquet to directly to the preservation company as soon as possible after the wedding for the most desirable results, or have limited availability for their services, or both.

1. Pressing/hanging your flowers

Flower pressing or hanging has been around for centuries as a way to preserve flowers, so this isn't necessarily a "new" technique, but it stands the test of time. The use of dried flowers and foliage have actually been rising in popularity with flower designers. So consider yourself a trend setter if you go this route :)

You can dry your flowers and get creative on your own if you'd like:

·For pressing, you'll want to select individual blooms and/or petals that you want to use, and spread them out on fresh wax or parchment paper. Add another layer of the paper on top (like you're creating a sandwich). Now, you'll need some heavy books like textbooks, phone books, or those Game Of Thrones novels stored on your bookshelf. Place your flower sandwich inside the book and shut it, adding additional books or objects for additional weight. Leave them to dry for 1-2 weeks. Once the flowers are flat and dry (read: crispy), they're ready to frame, collage, etc.

·To dry flowers, the key here is to hang them upside down. Why? Because the gravity will pull their necks nice and straight. If you leave them upright, you'll most likely end up with a bunch of sad looking dried flowers looking straight at the floor. It's also best to dry them in smaller bunches for air circulation and to prevent mold from growing-so you'll want to take your bouquet apart. Once you have the flowers separated, you can put them in smaller, airy bunches, tie the bottoms with a rubber band, and use a clip or hook to hang them from something sturdy. Again, leave them to dry for 1-2 weeks in a dry location. Once they're dried, you can get creative with those dried blooms!

If all of that sounds like too much work, send off those flowers to an expert and have them create a gorgeous finished work of art! Check out this gorge piece by Boston Flower Co. All of the beauty, with none of the hassle (or totally forgetting them inside the books and finding them years later)!

2. Fine Art Flatlay Photography

Of course, your photographer will take oodles of photos of your bouquet, but this takes it to another level. Having a professionally photographed flatlay of your deconstructed bouquet is so fresh, and so "art gallery"-esque, such as this fine piece by The Heirloom Bouquet. It makes each element of your bouquet important and shows off the beauty of each ingredient. And I absolutely LOVE the addition of the calligraphy labeling each flower. This option has a minimalist vibe and I believe Marie Kondo would approve!

3. Watercolor Bouquet Art

Perhaps you're loving the wall art idea, but looking for something a bit more whimsical? Then consider a beautiful rendering of your bouquet by a watercolor artist-check out this stunning watercolor by artist Yuris Yoon, owner of Salt Stains. This option eliminates the need to send off your bouquet right after the wedding-all you need is a tidy photo to send and they'll create a one of a kind work of art to treasure.

4. Embroidery Bouquet Heirloom

I just happened to stumble upon this wonderful option very recently and had to include it because it's so precious! Send off your bouquet image to an embroidery artist to have them hand-stitch a precious textile heirloom to treasure and display! This lovely piece created by Kim Art Designs gives me all the cozy feels and vintage vibes.

5. Resin Encased Flower Keepsake

These magical creations by Soil + Soul Studio look as though your flowers have been encapsulated to enjoy and reminisce forever! I love how they state on their website that their floral preservation process "is not meant to freeze your bouquet in time, but to give it a beautiful, new life". The flowers transform and evolve over a process that takes 10-12 weeks-and the results are stunning! They offer different styles and sized-from freestanding art displays, wall hangings, candle holders, and even tiny blossom pendant necklaces.

6. Preserved Flower Necklace

I love these dainty necklaces by A. Swapp Studio. A minimalist approach to a wedding flower keepsake, tiny bits of your wedding flowers are encased inside a resin pendant so you can keep that special day close to your heart and with you all the time! These Artistically handcrafted, botanical keepsakes are available in different styles and shapes to suit your style.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the above companies, nor am I compensated in any way for providing their information. I just really love their work!


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